Just Better: Noodle Soups

25 June – 6 August 2024

Phở, it’s Vietnam’s national dish for a reason. Warm, hearty and comforting. Best served hot on a cool winters day. If there aren’t splashes on your chin when you’ve finished. You’re not doing it right. Fill your bowl (and belly) with one of our five vibrant Phở flavours today!

Limited Time Only

Elevate your lunch game with a slurp, a bite, and a sip of flavour perfection!

Our ‘House Special’ Deal is back for a limited time – so roll on in to your closest Roll’d store to get your feed.

Enjoy your choice of Noodle Soup Cup, 2x Rice Paper Rolls and Drink up to the value of $4. Only available at select stores in-store and via the Roll’d App or online. Not available via third-party apps eg. Uber Eats. T&Cs apply.

Soupy Goodness

• Noodle soups are a great and easy way to keep hydrated during winter. Try one of our Cups for warm cuppa on-the-go!

• A bowl of steamy Phở, Chicken Curry or Spicy Beef BBH is not
just good for the gut, it’s good for the soul.

• Our Shredded Chicken Phở bowl contains less than 1% fat but packed with flavour.

New: Vibes Soda

Add a bit of EXTRA OOMPH to your meal and grab a VIBE Soda.

Bursting with personality, fizz, big flavour, it’s low sugar
and has added functionality benefits!

Which flavour will you try first?


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